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The CityView Inn

Intermediate Workout

Ready to step it up?? This workout is slightly more challenging than one geared for beginners. There are several ways this workout plans can increase your intensity level, and this is done in order to produce better and bigger results.

Intermediate Workout
Intermediate Workout

Time & Location


The CityView Inn

About the event

Once you're all warmed up and feeling good, let's jump into it!

  1. 15 Cross Over Toe touches. (Opposite arm reaches over and touches opposite Toe/Shin) Repeat on other side
  2. 10 x 2  Pulse Squats
  3. 45 Seconds High Knees 
  4. 45 Seconds Jumping Jacks


  1. 30 Crunches 
  2. 15 Russian Twists
  3. 15 x 2 Hip Thrust
  4. 45 Second Plank
  5. 30 Second Shoulder Taps

                        REST  & WARM DOWN

  • Sitting on the floor with your legs extended, with an inhale  reach up above your head with your palms raising upwards. As you exhale you are going to reach forward to where it feels comfortable. Repeat as needed.

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